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Ultimate Chalker Metal Magnetic Chalk Holder with chalk

Ultimate Chalker

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*** A Revolutionary Personal Chalker ***


Product features:

1. Designed to be the best personal chalker ever made
2. Regular chalking improves your game with a consistently solid hit and helps prevent miscues
3. Designed and constructed to put your chalk with you when you need it, and to do it effectively and unobtrusively
4. Material: Stainless Steel
5. Excellent holding power

*** 1 piece of chalk is included *** 

The clip and its design:
- High polish stainless steel for strength, durability and appearance
-Unique under/over clip design
- Excellent holding power
The magnet and the method of installation:
- Powerful neodymium magnet in a steel case
- Steel casing is riveted to clip
- Excellent holding power
The chalk clip:
- No bulk created around your chalk cube
- Can easily be tightened if required.
First of all, the Ultimate Chalker is not a "clip" that is held in place entirely by "tension". The Ultimate Chalker is held in place by its unique under/over-the-belt-and-pant-design. When it is new, the Ultimate Chalker may seem to work by means of tension. This is simply because it is made tight so as to accommodate most belt and pant thicknesses. However, with use the Ultimate Chalker will conform to the size of your belt and pants.
The Ultimate Chalker is best worn on the rear hip, almost directly above your back pocket. In this position it will not interfere with your stroke, yet it will still be well within reach for easy and frequent chalking.
Your Ultimate Chalker comes with a stainless steel clip. Over a period of time the clip may spread open slightly causing the chalk to be little loose. This is a simple matter to correct simply by pinching the two sides inward to create the proper tension.
The Ultimate Chalker is marketed and manufactured under the United States Provisional Patent Pending application #60/034.574 by Srigley's. Remarks: Keep magnet sensitive products away from ULTIMATE CHALKER Chalk Holder.