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Tweeten Cue Repair Kit


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Product features:

Tweeten Cue Repair Kit contains:
  • 1 tube of Tweeten’s Ten Minute Cement with oval eye tube closer
  • 2 Pieces of Triangle Billiard. Chosen by snooker professionals, carom, and pool players alike Triangle sets the standard. With its firm texture and extreme control, Triangle provides unprecedented feedback and spin. Whether you are a Snooker World Champion or up and coming enthusiast, Triangle is the proven complement to your game
  • 2 Small Black & 2 Small White Spots (13 mm diameter)
  • 2 Large Black and White Spots (1 ¼” – 31.7 mm diameter). Gummed one side, moisten and attach like a postage stamp
  • 12 Royal Oak Cue Tips (6 tips 12 mm and 6 tips 13 mm). Properly turned and pressed for uniform density. No hard spots or edges. Every tip guaranteed
  • 1 Plastic Cue Tip Trimmer, curved to shape the tip properly, with extra sandpaper
  • 1 Cue Tip Clamp to use when re-tipping cues. Simple to use and exerts just the right amount of pressure to make the tip stick perfectly
  • 1 Billiard Cloth Mending Tissue (6” x 2.5”). Made of tough, thin fabric for repairing torn bed cloth. Has an adhesive that dries at the edges. Maintains the right traction, causing least interference to billiard play

Product specifications:

  • Package size: 6 5/16” x 2 5/16” x 1” (16 х 5.9 х 2.5 cm)
  • Gross weight: 3.8 oz (~107 gr)
  • Made in the USA by Tweeten Fibre Company