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Tiger Silicone Rubber Hand Grip White


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Product Features:

  • Tiger Silicone Rubber Grip will provide every player with a stronger, tighter and comfortable grip on the cue. 
  • Made out of silicone to provide a pleasant and smooth feeling on your hand while playing.
  • The hand grip measures 11 ¾" (30 cm) in length, 0.028" (0.7 mm) in thickness, weighs 0.66 oz (19 grams) and is available in clear, black, red, orange and white colors.
  • Tiger hand grip does not have a "rubbery" smell.
  • Durable, quick and easy to install. Installation instructions are included. 
  • Tiger Silicone Rubber Grip is perfect for any Pool, Pyramid and Billiards player.
Product Specifications:
  • Length: 11 3/4" (300 mm)
  • Net weight: 0.66 oz (19 grams)
  • Thickness:  0.028" (0.7 mm)
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