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Tiger Crystal Ball Cleaner and Polisher 8 fl oz


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Product Features:

  • Crystal Ball Cleaner & Polisher is made with a combination of formulas to give you the best looking finish without spending a lot of time and effort
  • It works great with all types of cleaning machines as well as by hand
  • It not only cleans & polishes, but it brings back the original shine and color of your pool and billiard balls


  • To clean, apply the Cleaner and Polisher on a piece of cloth and wipe all dirt off
  • To polish, continue to buff the billiard balls with clean and dry part of the cloth until desired shine
  • For all Billiard ball cleaning machines, just apply very little amount on each ball and let the machine do the rest. Repeat if necessary

Product Specifications:

  • Bottle size: 8 oz / 240 ml
  • Gross weight: 10.7 oz (300 gr)
  • Made in USA