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McDermott G204 Pool Cue FREE Hard Case


Regular price $378.00

McDermott cues and performance shafts are some of the most recognized products in the billiard industry. Manufactured in Menomonee Falls, WI, McDermott cues are known for quality construction, exotic woods, intricate inlays and limitless customization options. Proudly made in the U.S.A., these cues are covered by a lifetime warranty (including warpage), as well as McDermott’s lifetime maintenance plan.

McDermott G-Series Pool Cues

McDermott G-Series cues are proudly made in the U.S.A. They are known for their quality construction, exotic woods, intricate inlays and limitless customization options. G-Series cues are covered by a lifetime warranty (including warpage) and our Lifetime Maintenance Plan.

McDermott G-Series Cues with G-Core Shafts

All of these cues come standard with our top-selling G-Core shaft, a $215 value! G-Series cues feature intricate inlays and rings made from the most exotic woods and materials in the world.


Hardcore performance. Traditional feel

The G-Core is the perfect blend of technology and classic feel. It has the benefits of carbon fiber core technology with the familiar feel of a traditional maple shaft. G-Core shafts come standard on McDermott G-Series cues $420 - $1,090.

Triple-Layer Carbon Fiber Core

The G-Core’s Triple-Layer Carbon Fiber Core extends through the first 7 inches of the shaft. This stabilizes the front-impact area of the shaft for increased control and predictability. This technology increases radial consistency, reduces vibration and limits the inconsistencies found in traditional maple shafts.

Carbon Tenon Technology

G-Core shafts feature a carbon fiber ferrule core. This technology results in a stronger ferrule assembly with maximum impact properties and enhanced feedback. The red ring at the base of the ferrule acts as a dampener to help absorb shock upon impact.

Radial Consistency

Radial consistency is the shaft’s ability to perform the same way on every shot, regardless of its orientation. The G-Core's Triple-Layer Carbon Fiber Core technology will consistently provide a straighter cue ball path, minimizing the need to compensate for spin and throw.

Navigator Black Tip

Navigator Black tips feature multiple layers of Japanese pigskin leather that are assembled using a proprietary adhesive. This prevents oxidation, meaning the tip won’t get harder after short usage. They are most adaptable tips in the Navigator line, allowing players to shape and mold the tip over time to fit their play style.

G-CORE TIP REPLACEMENT: When replacing the tip on your G-Core shaft, the .030” (.762mm) black fiber tip pad located directly above the ferrule must remain intact. Removal of the tip pad or reduction in thickness below .015” (.381mm) will compromise the shaft’s integrity, performance, and void the warranty.

Product Features:

  • Great for pool players of all skill levels
  • Standard length: 58" (~147 cm)
  • Birdseye Maple Forearm/Sleeve
  • Light American Cherry Stain
  • Brass, black urethane and bone urethane rings
  • G-Core Shaft
  • Navigator Black 13 mm Cue Tip
  • Genuine Irish Linen Wrap
  • Adjustable weight: Compatible with McDermott’s ½” adjustable weight bolt system
  • 3/8" x 10 Joint
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • FREE Hard 1x1 Case

Product Specifications:

  • Model Name: G204
  • Cue type: Pool
  • Cue length: 58” (147.3 cm)
  • Cue weight: ~19 oz (~540 gr). (We can change the weight as per your request)
  • Shaft material: Traditional Hardrock Maple/Carbon Fiber Core
  • Shaft length: 29" (735 mm)
  • Shaft profile: Pro taper
  • Shafts included: 1
  • Joint diameter: 21.7 mm
  • Cue tip type: Navigator Black
  • Cue tip hardness: Medium
  • Cue tip diameter: 13 mm
  • Ferrule length: 12.5 mm
  • Ferrule type: Impact-resistant ferrule
  • Butt material: Birdseye Maple
  • Butt length: 29" (735 mm)
  • Butt lower collar diameter: 32 mm
  • Wrap: Irish Linen
  • Bumper material: Rubber bumper w/McDermott logo