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Longoni 3LOBITE Aluminum Adapter


Regular price $35.00

Product Features:

  • This 3LOBITE part is screwed into your cue butt making it possible to use Longoni Extensions for your cue
  • You can install it on every Longoni carom or pool cue (not all cues are delivered with the system installed): the only requirement is that the cue has not been modified in the rubber bumper. It's not always possible for some cue brands and it depends on the way the rubber bumper is currently installed. On some cues, the system inhibits the possibility of adding or removing weights. The installation should be done by expert technicians only

    Product Specifications:

    • Product length (without rubber bumper): 0.7" (18 mm)
    • Product length (with rubber bumper): 0.95" (24 mm)
    • Product diameter: 0.67" (17 mm)
    • Product weight (with Rubber bumper): 0.36 oz (10.5 g)
    • Product weight (without Rubber bumper): 0.24 oz (7 gr)
    • Made in Italy by Longoni
    • MSRP: 40 Euro
    • Included: Rubber bumper
    • Made in Italy by Longoni