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Kamui Original Cue Tip Ø12.5mm Soft


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Humidity resistance

Kamui tips are made of vegetable-tanned leather. Vegetable-tanned leather is a far superior process in durability and elasticity compared to chrome tanned leather. However, vegetable-tanned leather has a tendency to absorb moisture which degrades the performance of the durability and elasticity. Kamui introduced a special treatment in the tanning process to make the Kamui leather humidity resistant. This specially treated leather maintains the elasticity and the durability of Kamui tips in all seasons and even in high humid environments.

Less Mushroom

The mushroom effect of a cue tip is due to the lack of durability from the cue ball impact. A mushroomed tip does not allow you to apply accurate English on the cue ball. In the tanning process of Kamui leather, the process is frozen at a certain point to get the high durability against mushrooming. Also, Kamui Tips are made of the finest boned fiber available today. These efforts of increased durability and elasticity have resulted in less mushrooming of all Kamui Tips.


The Kamui Tip is standardized to 4 different hardness ranges. SS, S, M, H. You can find those hardness in the Original or Black Kamui tips. The Kamui Tips have specially detailed printing “circle” identifier to further improve the difficulty of counterfeiting. The combination of the serial number and the special printing ensure the mission of Kamui craftsmanship to the serious player.

Original or Black:

"Original" was intended to execute ball-pocketing with higher precision by enhancing the clean transfer of power to the cue ball. "Black" then increased the elasticity, and therefore the ability to impart spin to the cue ball for accurate position play. Two different styles of playability exist to enable the realization of intuitive play.

Kamui promises performance and consistency. The ability to rely on product performance enables players to seek higher-level strategies and intuitively rely on their imagination to its fullest extent.
    Hardness [Hard→Soft]
    Popular hardness barometer.
    The hardness is tested with static hardness measurement. This measurement does not take time and speed of acceleration into consideration.

    Elasticity [High→Low]
    Elasticity stands for bouncing force generated when a tip impacts a cue ball with the speed of acceleration.
    When the elasticity of a tip gets higher, the contact time of the tip and cue ball gets longer so that you can have more spin on a cue ball and feel bouncy shot feeling. On the other hand, the contact time is shortened as elasticity gets lower. So that you can get a more solid shot feeling.

    Product features:
    • Kamui Original: For accurate shooting. Kamui Original leather generates more speed with a more accurate shot
    • The Kamui Original tip allows the player to move the cue ball over a longer distance with accurate shooting
    • Consistent playability: Kamui tip performance allows playability and reliability on the table under any circumstances
    • High durability against mushrooming
    • Best quality control in the billiard tip industry
    Product specifications:
    • Tip type: Play tip
    • Tip Hardness: Soft
    • Tip Diameter: 12.5 mm
    • Made in Japan