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Hirano Cue Tip Ø13mm Hard 1 pc


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The innovative tip for the future

Katsuki Hirano has applied his extraordinary inventiveness to developing the world’s finest billiard products. In 2009 he introduced the high-performance tip, the Hirano. The Hirano tip has an exclusive internal structure based on that of the katana, or Japanese sword, considered one of the finest swords in history. The katana is made by layering hard steel with soft iron. This layering process produces a blade that is flexible, robust and keeps a tremendous edge. Similarly, in the Hirano tip, the outer layers are pressed hard while the inner layers remain soft. The result is a tip that is both remarkably distinctive and uniquely elastic.

Because of its many outstanding characteristics, the Hirano tip has received high ratings from professional billiards players around the world. Katsuki Hirano set up the production line and launched sales in 2010. The Hirano tip is currently the highest-quality tip available, and it is expected to dominate the global market.

Use this innovative tip today and have a completely new, exciting billiard experience with Hirano in the future.

SOFT tip

The feel upon impact is “sticky”, with a soft sound. The catch to the ball is excellent. When the tip is new, the shape may change very slightly during the first hour of play. Simply reshape the tip according to your preference.


This tip offers a solid yet elastic feel, neither too soft nor too hard. Initially, the feel upon impact is slightly stiff, but the tip will soften with play to provide the optimal feel. This versatile tip is appropriate for every type of player.

HARD tip

This tip uses only the hardest leather pressed to the maximum tightness. Despite its firm exterior, this tip keeps its internal elasticity, so that even if the player hits the ball hard, the tip retains its distinctive feel.

Product specifications:
    • Tip type: Play tip
    • Material: Pigskin
    • Number of layers: 4
    • Tip Hardness: Hard
    • Tip Diameter: 13 mm
    • Price is for 1 tip
    • Made in Japan