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Cue Silk PTC Pool Table Cleaner 128 oz 1 Gallon w/Microfiber cloth

Cue Silk

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Cue Silk Inc. was established in 1992 by Ronald Lawerence in Hollywood, Florida, with the introduction of Cue Silk, the original shaft conditioner. Cue Silk, an accidental discovery in a small, smoky, South Florida pool room, has since become a product found in more than 22 countries, including England, Germany, Japan, Russia, China and Australia. Since the invention of Cue Silk, Ronald Lawrence has gone on to develop the instant shaft cleaner Silkleen, the world's No. 1 cleaner.

Pool Table Cleaner out-performs all others and even disinfects. A fine mist cleans, deodorizes, sanitizers and maintains the color of your billiard or gaming tables. Are there other sanitizing pool table cleaners out there without bleach or phosphates? We Think Not.

What is included in the set:

- 4 quarts of liquid = 128 oz = 1 gallon

- 1 16 oz. bottle and funnel FREE

- 1 Sprayer for 16 oz bottle FREE

- 1 Micro-Fiber cloth Towel FREE

Product Features:

  • Fast - Effective - Economical
  • Leaves table clean and germ-free
  • Pennies for application
  • Contains no bleach or phosphates
  • Removes dirt and germs from your table
  • It's "one swipe formula" saves your cloth's color and your cleaning time by eliminating the back and forth cleaning motion
  • It's adjustable spray head included on each 16 oz bottle allows you to control coverage
  • Microfiber cloth is included


  • Shake well before using
  • Adjust nozzle for fine mist
  • Apply mist to the entire table, wipe immediately with a microfiber cloth (included in a set)
  • The table is dry in seconds

Product Specifications:

  • Volume: 128 fl.oz. (3784 ml)
  • Made in the USA