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Cue Doctor Dent Buffer

Cue Doctor

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Prescribed by players around the world


The Cue Doctor Dent Buffer has caused quite a positive stir, and it is well deserved. Every cue can acquire those annoying nicks and dents in the shaft that can affect total concentration. This tool is simple, convenient, and effective for removing those dents, without damaging the wood with steam or alcohol. It is made of hardened borosilicate glass to assure the utmost in quality and consistency. Simply rub the glass rod over the dent in the shaft lightly and vigorously until the clicking sound of the dent fades away, as the dent is smoothed. This product can also be used to shine your worn Irish linen wraps or smooth out frays and scratches. It has repeatedly gotten high ratings and rave reviews and is well worth every player's consideration.

Product Features:

  • The simplicity of the revolutionary new Dent Buffer is only surpassed by its convenience
  • It was developed after years of research by a glassblower whose passion for pool demanded excellence in his equipment
  • The Dent Buffer smooths the jagged edge of the dent and helps to swell the crushed fibers of the wood with heat generated from the friction of rubbing. This makes the dent far less noticeable when the cue shaft is stroked in the bridge of the hand
  • The material used in the Dent Buffer is specially formulated and made from the finest glass procurable. Glass has some very desirable traits not found in metals, plastics or acrylics - Glass won't rub off


Place the tool with one end in the palm of your hand and the other end under and to the tip of the index finger. Softly rub the shaft in the area of the nick until you hear a "ticking" sound. When found, start to add more pressure and quicken the rubbing while also rotating the shaft back and forth. The ticking sound will fade away as the nick is smoothed over. Stroke the shaft in your bridge hand to see if it feels to your liking. If not, repeat the process. Excessive pressure may damage the shaft. Quick strokes, building heat, along with moderate pressure will give you the best results.


DO NOT use on urethane or polymer-coated cue shafts, cue butts, or coated Irish Linen wrap. These finishes are brittle and will rub off under pressure.

The Dent Buffer is not a cure-all and larger or deeper nicks may require professional cue repair.

Product specifications:

  • Material: Borosilicate glass
  • Length: 3.7" (95 mm)
  • Diameter: 0.5" / 0.8" (13 mm / 20 mm)
  • Gross weight: 1.1 oz (30 gr)
  • The instruction manual is included
  • Made in the USA