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Aramith Tournament Black TV Billiard Pool Ball set 2 1/4"


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What you get with the Aramith Tournament Black sets:
  • Aramith has created the new Tournament BLACK set to combine the very best of pool ball quality with an innovative, trendy and groundbreaking "black" design (patent pending)
  • Anticipating the need to better discern the balls on TV but also on small screen devices, Aramith has teamed up with Matchroom Multisport to develop new colours: No. 4 and 12 balls are pink, No. 7 and 15 balls are light brown, No. 5 and 13 are light purple, No.6 and 14 are light green. As for the black design on the striped balls , it was first designed for the nine-ball game to better distinguish the 9-ball with the 1-ball. Featured in all striped balls it gives an innovative and groundbreaking look (patent pending)
  • Included the Aramith dotted Cue ball (6 black dots and the black Aramith logo): For ultimate precise shots and ball repositioning 
  • The Aramith Tournament set features the Duramith™ technology with its hi-tech engineered molecular structure enhancing drastically the longevity of the balls while minimizing significantly table cloth wear
  • With a life-time that exceeds up to 8 times that of the average polyester and phenol-like resins, reaching easily up to 40 years in residential use, Aramith ball sets are the logical choice for both the trade and the player
  • With its new Duramith™ formulation, the 4th generation Aramith 4 life products cross new boundaries, guaranteeing the lowest cost of ownership

      Duramith™: a new benchmark in quality and longevity

      With Duramith Technology, the Aramith resins entered their 4th generation. With a totally overhauled resin formulation with new hi-tech reticulation, cross-linking and curing technologies, the Aramith products now set a new benchmark in quality, durability & longevity, increasing their service life up to 50% during which:
      • their through-hardened vitrified surface and core holds their glossy look
      • their specifications, rebound and playing consistency throughout the set is maintained all along - the cloth wear and white marks that so easily ruin the look of the table are minimized
      • their friction resistance minimizes burn spots as well
      The two half circles are a registered trademark of Saluc SA.
      The story behind Aramith Tournament BLACK colors:

      Traditionally the object balls have the following color code :

      1 and 9 ball : yellow
      2 and 10 ball : dark blue
      3 and 11 ball : red
      4 and 12 ball : dark purple
      5 and 13 ball : orange
      6 and 14 ball : dark green
      7 and 15 ball : maroon
      8 ball : black

      While this color scheme should provide the best contrast between balls, it was not the case in the reality of TV and video transmission, as dark blue, dark purple and maroon could be difficult to distinguish, especially with poor lighting conditions.

      To improve this Aramith created the Super Aramith Pro TV set, featuring pink and light brown colors instead of dark purple and maroon. It improved drastically the contrast, and the Super Aramith Pro TV and then the Aramith Tournament TV sets have been - and still are -  used successfully in all major tournaments worldwide. Still, the regular Super Aramith Pro and Aramith Tournament sets feature the traditional colors.

      In 2018 Matchroom Sport, a leader in the promotion of prestigious pool events, expressed the need to improve further the contrast between balls, especially the orange color towards red and pink, and dark green towards dark blue.

      Anticipating the need to better discern the balls on small screen devices, Aramith developed a light purple to replace orange and a lighter green to replace the darker one, only in the new Aramith Tournament BLACK set. The pink 4-ball having become the reference in official tournaments with the Aramith Tournament TV set, Aramith could not use the light purple for the 4-ball which would have been closer to tradition.

      As for the black design on the striped balls, it was first designed for the nine-ball game to better distinguish the 9-ball with the 1-ball. Featured in all striped balls it gives an innovative and groundbreaking look (patent pending).

      Product specifications:
      • Ball diameter: 2 1/4" (57.2 mm)
      • Box size : 9 5/8" x 9 5/8" x 2 1/2" (24.5 x 24.5 x 6.4 cm)
      • Box gross weight: 6 lb 10 oz (3 kg)
      • Made in Belgium

      For several decades Belgian Aramith Billiard balls have enjoyed a legendary reputation for outstanding endurance and uncompromised quality. Used by over 85% of players worldwide, they are recognized as the reference of the industry.

      Made by Saluc in Belgium, Aramith excellence is the result of a high-tech process that combines the unmatched characteristics of Aramith resin with fine Belgian craftsmanship.
      Their consistently reliable performance guarantees players the pleasure of razor-sharp precision. Their exceptionally long product life offers the table owner the lowest ball cost on an annual basis. That is how Aramith for almost half a century gained its legendary reputation as signature for true and unrivaled quality.