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Norditalia Ricambi srl

NORDITALIA RICAMBI srl  is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors in Europe of billiard accessories, cues, billiards, darts, touch screens, table tennis, table football and much more.

The Longoni family ( ) began in 1945 in Mariano Comense the production of billiards and cues, bringing the "Longoni" brand to the top of the world in this sector. Brand that excels today.
The high competence in this field, where they had been operating for 31 years, led Francesca Luzzi together with her husband Renzo Longoni to found Norditalia Ricambi srl in 1976, always based in Mariano Comense.
The company, in almost half a century of history, has significantly expanded and developed thanks to the generational integration of the sons Pierluigi and Luisella who manage to manage the company with the same great results of the past.

Direct collaboration with its customers: this is the philosophy of the company that is continuously expanding in numerous markets. The company's operations are dictated and followed through a network of distributors in Italy, North and South America, Russia, Europe, Africa and Japan. Norditalia Ricambi is present, with its own offices and warehouses also in the Czech Republic (Brno).
Some of the secrets of this success are certainly the presence in its staff of highly qualified people in their area of ​​expertise, specialized offices for the various international markets, the absolute inclination to quality, the rapid, competent and friendly service as well as an important sense of collaboration towards our customers.