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Chempak Solutions


A leader in car-science and innovation since 1955, Chempak Solutions has been one of the most trusted, efficient and responsive private label manufactures in the industrial and automotive car care industry throughout the world.  Our team is constantly striving to make advanced products that exceed our clients’ expectations, allowing them to offer their consumer base, top quality products that are second to none. 

As a private label manufacture, Chempak Solutions provides a complete service focusing on product quality, client communication, technology & science and our commitment to on-time delivery.

Company History 

Over 60 years ago, Chempak Solutions began its roots in Riverside California as a family distribution company for automotive detailing products.  As the distribution grew, so did client demand.  By the early 1980’s, we were offering our own paste wax, Surluster* to the North American and Asia Pacific markets.  In 1992, Laurent Streichenberger took the reins of the family business and began expanding the services to include private label and manufacturing, concentrating on developing custom-made formulas geared towards our clients’ specific requests.  Today, still run by the same family, and still made in southern California, our products are well-represented and continue to thrive around the world.

Why Choose Us

Chempak Solutions has been satisfying our clients for over 60 years, with products well represented both domestically and internationally.  We pride ourselves in our unique client approach by committing to continually improving the value of our products and services by understanding our client’s end-user needs. Our in-depth knowledge to the automotive and Industrial private label business is unmatched.  

The company’s full line of products is manufactured using the highest quality materials available while operating state of the art manufacturing procedures, technology and packaging equipment.